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MUDCOLLEGE Farm Main Season CSA 2024


Eat Gettysburg Grown Organic Produce Every Day!


You care about what you eat, the land, and the farmers – let us take care of it for you! We pack the best in-season produce, grown here with care and respect for the environment and our community.


What is CSA?


CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. By “subscribing” to our farm for the season, you directly support local sustainable farmers, while enjoying a weekly selection of the freshest in-season local produce.


Why Choose Our CSA?

- **Beyond Organic:** Not just certified Organic – Real Organic Project verified.

- **Care for the Land:** No synthetics or GMOs — we’re here for the long run.

- **Locally Grown:** If we don’t grow it, we source it from eco-friendly neighbors.

- **Variety:** Both new and familiar local flavors – eggs, veggies, fruits, herbs.

- **Nuture Local Farmers:** You grow local sustainable farmers as we grow for you.


How to Sign Up:


1. Fill out and submit the form below with your details.

2. We'll be in touch with details and payment instructions

3. Eat good and help us farmers be good to the land.


Contact Us:


Have questions? Reach out to Ben at or call (717) 677-2530.


Join our CSA community today and feel good eating good & Gettysburg grown!

organic farm vegetables.jpg


We'll contact you with details

Share Frequency

Price will reflect a discount of $22 per vacation week

Thanks for signing up!  I'll be in touch with details soon.

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