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MUDCOLLEGE Farm is a small, Certified Organic, vegetable and pastured non-GMO fed egg farm located in historic Gettysburg, PA.  We are involved in aspects of the production and harvest of no-spray fruit, mostly from neighbors, and along with occasional conventional fruit, we provide these as well.


We adhere to USDA Organic Practices to add to our stewardship of the 2 acres we operate in production .  This includes use of organic seed (never GMO), minimal use of natural pesticides, and sustainable practices to conserve soil biology

On conservation land we avoid herbicides unless we're required by contract to apply them.


pastured hens


Being Certified Organic means that we don't use any synthetic inputs (always non-GMO).  That means your food is truly free of any synthetic substances as verified by Pennsylvania Certified Organic, a certifier under the USDA National Organic Program.


Our eggs are laid by our 3 flocks of pastured hens.  We feed them only non-GMO feed from a local farm and never treat them with antibiotics or hormones. 


Mud College Farm is a sustainable, community oriented USDA Organic farm located in Gettysburg, near Two Taverns.


Our owner and main farm labor is Ben Mearns, a native of Gettysburg, who made a career change to actively promote land stewardship and peacemaking through sustainable community-driven farming.  Many others have been a part of the work we're doing here, and should be acknowledged here too.


The name “Mud College” – borrowed from a nearby historical landmark – invokes our educational, experimental spirit, and connection to the earth.


We are a small family farm – growing on 2 acres once farmed by Raiana Mearns and Bill Mearns Jr. as part of their dairy operation, and where Peg Mearns and Bill Mearns Sr. called home. In addition to operating the farm, we also manage 8 acres of conservation land. Our name also has a family connection – Peg was a member of the “Mud College Craft Guild”, through which she promoted her famous home-woven goods.

We acknowledge the indigenous people who once lived in this land, peoples related to the Susquehannock and Tuscarora Nations.

old family portrait
farm map

Certified Organic Crops

  • arugula

  • asparagus

  • basil

  • bean, green

  • beet

  • brass. Salad, mix

  • broccoli

  • broccoli, raab

  • cabbage, napa

  • cabbage, red

  • cantaloupe

  • carrot

  • cauliflower

  • chamomile

  • chard, swiss

  • chicory, radicchio

  • choi

  • cilantro

  • corn, sweet

  • cucumber, pickling

  • cucumber, slicing

  • dill

  • eggplant

  • fennel

  • garlic

  • kale

  • leek

  • lettuce, head

  • lettuce, mix

  • okra

  • onion, bulb

  • onion, bunching

  • parsley

  • peas, snap

  • peas, snow

  • pepper, bell

  • pepper, habanada

  • pepper, jalepeno

  • pepper, lunchbox

  • pepper, poblano

  • potato

  • potato, sweet

  • pumpkin

  • radish, daikon

  • radish, french breakfast

  • radish, pearl

  • radish, watermelon

  • shallot

  • spinach

  • squash, acorn

  • squash, butternut

  • squash, delicata

  • squash, spaghetti

  • squash, summer

  • squash, zucchini

  • tomato, heirloom

  • tomato, slicer

  • turnip, hakurei

  • watermelon

  • strawberry

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