Mud College Farm is a small, Certified Organic, vegetable and egg farm located in historic Gettysburg, PA.

We adhere to USDA Organic Practices to add to our stewardship of the 10 acres we manage. This includes use of organic seed (never GMO), minimal use of natural pesticides, and sustainable practices to conserve soil biology

Ben Mearns

Ben is the owner and main labor force at Mud College. Our farm is located on land previously farmed by his father and mother as part of their dairy operation. He has always been passionate about our natural connections to the earth, and decided to make the move from a technology profession towards a greater stewardship of the land. Currently, his favorite vegetable is French Breakfast Radishes.


We participate in WWOOF, World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, which brings us enthusiastic farm volunteers from all over the world, and also close to home.

We’ve hosted WWOOFers from Euskal/Basque Country, The Netherlands, Catalunya, China, and England. WWOOFers have also come from Elizabethtown and Lancaster, PA. Frederick, MD. New York, and South Dakota.

Current WWOOFer

Tim Gaquin from Frederick, MD

Other Mudders

Steve the mountain man